How to Sleep in Chair | Six Effortless Steps for Enjoying Sleep in the Chair

By | Last Updated on July 16, 2022

Sleep portrays a pivotal role in shaping our mental, emotional and physical health. Nobody can perform optimally if he doesn’t get deep sleep every night. Contrary to this, the monotonous hectic routines of workaholics don’t permit them to enjoy deep sleep. Similarly, young adults who are preparing themselves for any government or competitive exams struggle with their sleep. Most of the time, such industrious people take a quick nap during their work or study break and enjoy a few minutes of relaxation in between. The majority of the time, their destination of sleep is a chair they were sitting on for their work. You must be thinking about how to sleep in a chair and if it has some consequences on health or not. 

For getting to know more about sleeping in a chair, thoroughly give this article a read. It won’t take much of your time as we know time is the most precious asset, and we wholeheartedly respect that asset of yours! 

6 Simple Steps for Sleeping Comfortably in the Chair

1.      Get Yourself a Comfortable Chair

One of the essential parts of enjoying a deep sleep in a chair is to find a soothing chair for yourself. For undisturbed sleep, recliners are preferable as they provide enough room for your neck, back and arms. All major parts of your body will get a place to rest. With other chairs, you will face severe outcomes like neck pain as the neck will not find a cushioned space to rest. Furthermore, wooden chairs cause irritation and itching due to their rough and harsh surfaces. If recliners are not available to you, you can even use a cushioned sofa placed in your room with a set of cushioned pillows.

2.      Place a Stool or Table for More Comfortable Sleep

The next important thing you can do to make yourself comfortable in the chair is to place a cushioned stool or coffee table on the front side of your chair and place your foot on it. This will keep your feet away from the ground, and you will feel more comfortable during your sleep. In addition to that, this will elevate the smooth blood flow across your body. If your feet are not at the same height as your other body parts, you may face leg cramps due to poor alignment of the body and poor circulation across the body.

3.      Bring Together All Essential Bedding Items before Going for a Sleep

One of the most valuable parts of sound sleep is to have a different set of pillows and blankets so that you won’t fall prey to cramps and discomfort during sleep. If the temperature outside is low, a soft blanket will help you in keeping your body warm. The adult blanket that will camouflage the whole body is preferable in comparison to smaller blankets that are designed for teenagers.

For providing maximum soothing to your neck, you can even try a neck pillow that people usually use during traveling. Keeping all the essential items with you is necessary so that you won’t have to disturb your sleep in the middle of the night. This step ensures undisturbed sleep. This step is increasingly significant for people who can’t sleep effortlessly once they get up at night due to any reason.

4.      Make the External Environment Dark and Quiet

Making your environment dark sends a signal to the central nervous system that it needs some rest. The more the room is darker, the more the brain forces your body to slumber. Make sure you make your room conducive to sleep before actually going to sleep.

You can make your environment conducive to sleep by carrying out the simply stated steps; 

  • Turn off the lanterns and lamps of your room, close the windows and close the drapes. These simple steps will diminish the penetration of light rays into your room, and the internal environment of the room will remain dark. Plus, these effortless steps will provide you with a nighttime feel. 
  • If light affects your sleep the most, then you can try out eye masks. Eye masks are masks designed for eyes that people wear during nighttime for a more comfortable sleep. 
  • Recent studies have shown that light coming from Android devices sends signals to your brain to keep working. As a result of which, you find it hard to sleep even after a tiring day. To overcome such instances, it is significantly vital to put your mobiles on silent or to shut them off so that you won’t receive any sonic or light notifications. 
  • Ear plugs are sufficiently essential for people who get exasperated by the noise of street children or ear piercing horns of road traffic. Use ear plugs for a sound sleep. This step is essential for those who live in a crowdy area or main city points that is always filled with people and vehicles. 

5.      Get Yourself Ready for Sleep 

It is important to get ready for sleep before actually going into a deep sleep. Most people do that by wearing ill-fitted clothes or loose pyjamas so that all body parts would breathe freely during nighttime. If you are in your office and can’t change clothes, then take off some of the items that might disturb your sleep, for instance, pendants, watches, eyeglasses etc. 

Another important thing you can do is to keep a jug of water near you so that your body won’t get dehydrated. You can even have a glass of warm water or a glass of milk before closing your eyes, as it will keep your body hydrated throughout. Eating a banana before sleep also facilitates sound sleep. You can even have dairy products that are richly supplied with Tryptophan – an amino acid which is responsible for inducing sleep. 


Undisturbed sleep is essential for a healthy mind and body. Most people can’t go to bed every time they feel the need to relax because of the pressure of work. Such people usually sleep in chairs. If you are one of such people, hope this article has provided you with fruitful information!

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