How to Fix a Wobbly Office Chair?

By | Last Updated on January 8, 2022

To keep your entire productivity levels so much high, you need to keep your office equipment in top condition. After few years of use, even high-quality equipment is prone to wear out.

Office chairs that wobble are known to be the major equipment problem. In case you have faced this issue, you may already know that it can significantly impact your work. Here, our guide is designed to help you fix a set of wobbly office chair in just a few easy steps and keep your setup as efficient as possible.

Common Causes of a Wobbly Office Chair

Chairs can become wobbly for many reasons. Your office chair still has a chance to be saved if it wobbles as side to side. However, it is always better to find out what is causing the problem before fixing it.

Wobbly chairs can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

Joints that are worn out

The more you actually sit in an office chair, the more likely it will wear out. Sitting for an extended period can cause the chair’s joints to deteriorate, leading to a loss of strength. An entirely worn-out chair joint may wobble due to an imbalance.

Damaged Parts

Even with regular use, your office chair can get damaged or broken. This could be due to the age or any other external factor. The wheels of a chair are often damaged or broken, and if one of its wheels stops working, that may make the chair unstable.

Screws are missing

The screws may have come loose over time, even though it is not as much common as rest of the issues. It is dangerous for any other person who is sitting on a chair if these screws fall out.


The major cause of a chair becoming wobbly is the age. You may still need to replace some parts of your chair in the coming future, even if you treat it carefully. In this case, you would be better off buying an ergonomic office chair.

Weak Manufacturing

Some chairs wear out faster than others because of low-quality materials. If you want to prevent these problems just for a small while, you should always purchase a good office chair.

What are the steps on how to fix a wobbly office chair? Step-by-step instructions

No matter the reason for your wobbly chair, here’s how to easily fix it. Here are the things you need to get started:

  • Drilling machine 
  • Durable hammer
  • Paper
  • Use of Coping Saw 
  • Wooden Glue
  • Rag

Step No 1: Your Chair’s Parts Need to Be Labeled

You might have trouble labeling everything just as right away if you’ve never worked with chairs before. With a piece of paper and a pencil, you can identify every chair component. While it doesn’t help right now, it will make it easier to assemble the chair later.

Step no 2: Dismantle your chair 

You might have to disassemble each chair differently, so if this is happening for the first time that you’re repairing a wobbly office chair, you’ll need the right tools to do it easily. The most common tools are the drill and hammer.

Step No 3: Identify any missing parts 

Look for missing parts during the disassembly process, such as screws, as well as joints, or even the wheels. Make a small note of each of the piece so you can replace it if needed.

Step No 4: Clean Up all the Dirty Pieces

A chair can become wobbly if the pieces are dirty. Clean everything as much thoroughly with the rag until it is fully clean and is ready to get reassembled.

Step no 5: Replace any damaged parts 

The chances are that if any of the parts are broken when you disassemble the chair and replace them before reassembling it, your chair will be wobbly.

Step no 6: Glue the joints with wood glue

Glue your chair’s joints to hence ensure they regain their resistance. After each joint is removed, please put it back all-together carefully to ensure it looks the similar one as when it was taken apart.

Step no 7: Tighten them all Together through Strap Clamp

Last but not least, a piece of strap clamp can be used to secure the chair’s body. Alternatively, you may use a rope if you do not hold the strap clamp. Be much careful where you should never over tighten the chair so much that the seat can break just due to extra pressure.

Step no 8: Testing the Chair

Ensure your fix for the chair worked by testing it for a few days. Your chair should feel better right away.


  1. What is causing my chair to wobble?

Chairs made of wood are prone to wobbling. Their wobbling is caused by one leg being longer than the others. Usually, it occurs after the chair has been assembled or after it has been used for a while.

  1. Is it possible to refurbish an office chair?

Reupholstering an office chair is surprisingly easy! It’s easy to give your office chair a total makeover whether the fabric on it has fallen apart or you want to change the boring black fabric for a brighter and more colorful fabric!

  1. How long does an office chair last on average?

The average office chair lasts between five and ten years before replacing it. Nonetheless, many different things affect this number, both up and down, so you’ll need to keep everything in mind when you’re shopping for a chair.

  1. Is it necessary to replace your desk chair every few years?

Every five years, you should replace your office chair. This will ensure your back is properly supported and that the cushion hasn’t worn away. You need a new chair if you’re sinking or slouching.


Your office chair may become wobbly over time for several reasons, as you can see. You should return a brand new office chair if you find it unstable. It shouldn’t have issues right from the start.

Your office chair can be repaired in several different ways at home. Always take a picture before you disassemble your chair, so you know how to reassemble it. Another option is to label each piece, so you know where it goes.

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