How Can You Clean Your Office Task Chair?

By | Last Updated on July 16, 2022

Office task chairs are the most frequently used furniture in the office, and obviously, they get dirty and become the house of many germs. Moreover, when you eat or drink during working, many food particles penetrate the chair, which should be cleaned as soon as possible. So to keep the chair away from dust and debris, it is mandatory to clean it regularly. And interestingly you can clean the office chair very easily as it is all fun. But most of the users do not know how to clean an office chair? 

Here is a simple step-wise guide that will illustrate the whole process in detail. So do not waste your time scrolling, and let’s move without further ado!

1. Remove the Debris from the Surface and Blot the Liquid 

When you eat the meal while sitting on the chair, then you will find some debris that you should pick first when you start cleaning. You can use a cloth or a paper towel to collect all the debris and discard it in the trash. In the case of a fabric office chair, do not try to pick the debris by force, as it will make the removal more difficult. 

If you find any liquid on the chair, then urgently blot it by using a damp cloth. The sooner you will do this step, the more efficiently it will be cleaned.

2.     Read the Care Tag

Read the Care Tag

A care tag is a label that is located on the backside of the chair. This tag is an instructional tag that depicts the solution used for the cleaning. If the tag contains W, it means you need a water-based solution. On the other hand, if you find S written on the tag, it means you need a solvent-based solution for cleaning. Furthermore, if the tag shows both letters, it means you can use any of the solutions.

3.     Use Dry Cleaning Solvent for the S Coded Chairs

If your chair instructs you to use a solution-based solvent, then you can apply any of the branded cleaners with the help of a dry cloth. After cleaning, wick away the solvent with a damp cloth.

4.     Use Water Based Solution for W Coded Chairs

To make a water-based solution, you can mix a little water in the dish detergent. Now make a dry cloth wet with this solution and try to remove the stain but do not rub the chair vigorously as it will damage the upholstery.

5.     Use Alcohol for the Stubborn Stains

Use Alcohol for the Stubborn Stains

Some spots can not be washed with any type of solution; even the vigorous rubbing can not fade them properly. So for this type of stain, alcohol is the best solution. But alcohol can not be directly applied to the chair as it may damage the upholstery, so the spot test is necessary. You can dampen a cotton ball with 2 to 3 drops of alcohol, and then you can apply it under the chair.

The point to remember here is that no matter what type of solution you are using, apply it to a small inconspicuous area for the safety of your chair.

6.     Use a Vacuum Cleaner to Remove the Dust

Now, after removing all the stains and becoming completely satisfied with the steps upper explained, it is time to clean the dust particles that are penetrated inside the upholstery to give it a fresh look. This usually happens with the fabric office chairs or the mesh chairs. If you are cleaning leather upholstery, then strong suction could be damaging.

7.     Remove the Remaining Dust with Wet Cloth

Remove the Remaining Dust with Wet Cloth

Make a mixture of liquid and soap or detergent and use a cloth to apply the solution to the upholstery. For PVC, fabric, or leather upholstery, make the solution in one cup of water by mixing a few drops of biodegradable dish detergent. After completing the removal, use a dry cloth to clean the chair’s upholstery, as it will remove any detergent and water, and then place it in a ventilated area to make it completely dry.

8.     Clean the Rest of the Chair

Now the thorough cleaning of the chair has been done. It is time to clean the rest of the chair. But first, make it clear which parts are included in the rest of the chair. The rest of the chair includes wheels, arms, legs, and the frame. For this deep cleaning step, you should flip the chair upside down to remove the wheels. Some wheels easily popped off, but some require a screwdriver.

The knife or the butter knife is a good tool to use in removing the large debris from the caster wheels and removing the hair from the wheels with the help of a tweezer. Use a dry cloth to wipe the wheels to remove the remaining dust and debris, and then use a paper towel to clean them well so that they can roll smoothly over the floor. Now fix the wheels back in their place by tightening them with a screwdriver. 

Now it is the turn to clean the legs and armrests of the chair. These parts are usually made of steel or plastic. Plastic is easier to clean as compared to steel, as steel requires a little more vigorous rubbing with a damp cloth. 

Now everything is done, and your office task chair is ready to sit again!

Final Thoughts 

It is important to keep your working environment clean, especially your office chair. But cleaning can only be done perfectly when you know about the building material of the chair. Moreover, avoid eating your lunch on the chair as it will help clean the chair and clean all the spills as soon as they occur, which is easier with the guide upper illustrated that describes all the steps about how to clean an office chair? Now you can do the cleaning at your home this weekend!

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