GTRacing GT901 Chair Review

By | Last Updated on April 18, 2022

If you read the title of this GT-racing GT901 gaming chair, you’ll get a sense of its comfort and value and why it’s selling so well. Because of its higher weight restriction, this chair is ideal for Big and Tall gamers, and many people like its unique features. On the other hand, the footrest is a big draw for the other side of the town.

The GT-Racing name has never let customers down. As a result, the gaming community is constantly lured to their victories by the constant emergence of something new and intriguing. For example, we’ve got a GT901 gaming chair that meets all of your needs and is built by you.

The unique characteristics of the GT901 gaming chair make it stand out from other seats in its class. How? We will tell you precisely that in detail in our GTRacing GT901 Chair Review. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Brand Overview:

GTRacing is a well-established brand that was launched in 2011. Over 2,000,000 customers worldwide have received the different supportive office and gaming chairs from the website.

Even though the first GTRacing gaming chair was designed as an office chair in 2013, the model sold like hotcakes in the United States. This is how GTRacing expanded to Canada and Japan and into Europe as a crucial market. Many people are unaware that the “GT” in the brand’s name is related to “gentle tiger.” This is a synonym for the company’s specialty in producing soft racing-style gaming chairs to aid, motivate, and calm customers.

Features of the GTRacing GT901 Chair

Metal Base and Wheels 

The metal base adds significant solidity to the robust construction. It also comes with 2.5-inch-wide casters and a metal frame. 

The wheels are fluid and ergonomically rhythmic, with smooth-rolling casters that can glide across any surface. The mechanism is flawless and immaculate, and you will admire its whole quality once you get a taste of it.

Robust Framework 

The construction quality of this chair is uncompromised, and many heavy users are interested in purchasing it because of its long-lasting capabilities since it has a high backrest and can support a maximum weight of 350 pounds. 

The metal frame creates a robust and substantial interior that will endure longer without corroding or rusting. It is completely quiet and noiseless, with no squeaky noises. Because of its sturdy construction, it will stay quiet no matter how hard you try.

Removable Cushions 

The cushions are large and fluffy, with a plush texture, to provide a comfy surface for your neck and head during long hours of intensive gaming. 

If you don’t find them helpful, you can change and eliminate them. Their primary goal is to provide you with enough support so that your body does not get weary and your muscles stay calm. 

Not everyone finds them useful, and if you don’t, you can remove them with ease since the backrest itself will not let you miss those cushions.

Comfort Design

The GT901 is all about ergonomic design and comfort, and it will entertain you with its enlivening features. And it sets out every necessary component for your improved stability and relaxation. We receive 3 inches of thick padding that gently conforms to the contour of your body and adapts to it.

Even after sitting all day, you won’t feel drained because of its ergonomic design. It can also boost your health somewhat. It assists you in maintaining a good posture for proper blood flow in your body during the gaming session. 

It ensures that you get the best gaming experience possible. We get the correct contour of its backrest, which assists you in achieving better spine posture and keeping your back pressure-free at all times.

Control Panel 

The chair has two levers on one side to make it easier to operate. When you purchase a new chair, it can have many functions with misplaced buttons. You can perplex it till you recall where a particular button is. We have a seat lever on the top side to shorten the difficulty. 

Also on the bottom side is the recliner lever. The seat height adjustment black lever has a seat mark on it. This allows you to modify the seat height by moving it up and down.

Reclining Feature 

Fortunately, it can recline at 170° degrees. This gaming chair is an attractive feature that provides you a good cause to consider purchasing it. 

You can comfortably lie down on this chair, and the substantial cushioning will make you feel like you’re lying on clouds. As it has a multi-tilt mechanism, a lever on the right side of this chair allows you to lock the recliner at one angle.

Retraceable Footrest

When you first look at this chair, it is the first thing you notice. The footrest is retractable and can be slipped right beneath the chair when not in use. It reaches far enough to provide proper support for your legs. 

This chair is ideal for napping since it has deep cushioning on the footrest and backrest, making it seem like a bed. The retraction movement is smooth and requires little pressure.

Height Adjustment Armrests 

The armrests feature two sides: the excellent side and the worst side. The fact that it is readily mobile and adjustable is a plus. There is also soft cushioning on the armrests to provide a more comfortable laying position for your arms.

PU Leather Upholstery 

The incredible thing about this chair is that it does not provide you with low-quality leather but high-quality premium soft PU Leather. 

It strengthens the allure and comfort of this leather by providing a sofa-like feel and resilience to wear and tear to give it a never-ending and everlasting attractiveness.


  • Utilizing the footrest and the 170-degree recliner, you’ll be able to relax like a baby.
  • Even better, the backrest can be set to a particular position.
  • You’ll fall in love with the footrest as soon as you get your hands on it, and we’re sure you will, too.
  • This chair is ideal for heavier users with a weight rating of 350 pounds and a metal structure.


  • Many folks will be disappointed by the chair’s lack of armrests. 
  • A plastic frame surrounds the armrests. 

The Final Verdict 

Finally, if we evaluate everything, the ultimate conclusion will be simple. The footrest, heavy-duty qualities, and recliner all make this chair unique for you. It’s a two-for-one deal that seems ludicrous when you can purchase all of this for 145$. Every chair has defects, and if those imperfections don’t annoy you too much, we’re good to go. 

Similarly, there is an issue with the armrests on this chair. Nonetheless, I didn’t dislike the armrests, and every other element pleased me to no end. When it’s in your best interest, the price is fair and doesn’t seem excessive. We can state that the armrests did not completely fail this chair, and they did not prove to be a deal-breaker. In the end, we hope that our GTRacing GT901 Chair Review provided you with the best piece of information on what you are looking for. Good luck!

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