GTRacing Ace S1 Review

By | Last Updated on April 6, 2022

Since 2013, GTRacing has established itself as one of the most recognizable names in the low-cost gaming chair industry. The GTRacing Ace S1 gaming chair is a luxurious improvement to the company’s famous Pro Series gaming chair line. 

Additional improvements include better upholsteries, enhanced functionality, and even a 5-year warranty! In this GTRacing Ace S1 Gaming Chair Review, you’ll learn how to obtain luxurious sitting at an affordable price.

The GTRacing Pro Series has been the company’s flagship chair for many years, and it continues to be so today. Incredibly cheap costs, 2D armrests with adjustable cushions, a deep recline, and a deep recline are standard on all models.

The GTRacing Ace S1 adds a few luxury features to the original construction, making it a complete package. The first option is a choice of five quality PU leather or fabric upholstery choices, which costs extra. The second change is the installation of 4D armrests that are completely adjustable. The third option is a warranty extension for an additional five years.

These extras add around $50 to the price of a standard Pro Series chair, which is already expensive. If you intend to remain in your chair for most of your waking hours, the additional money spent on an S1 chair is worth it!

GTRacing Brand Overview

GTRacing is a brand with a long history founded in 2011. The website has supplied over 2,000,000 consumers worldwide with various sorts of supportive office and gaming chairs.

Even though the initial GTRacing gaming chair was built as an office chair in 2013, success came quickly when this model sold like hotcakes in the United States. This is how GTRacing grew to Canada and Japan and entered Europe as a critical market. Many people don’t realize about GTRacing that the “GT” in the brand’s name is connected to “gentle tiger.”  That is essentially a synonym for the brand’s specialty in making soft racing-style gaming seats to assist, encourage, and soothe consumers.

GTRacing Ace S1 Specifications 

Materialsteel frame; Class 3 gas lift; XL PU-coated casters.
Comforthigh-density foam padding; neck and lumbar support cushions.
Functionality4D armrests; recline to 165°; rocking and tilt tension.

GTRacing Ace S1 Features 

Chair Build Quality

Regarding construction quality, the GTRacing chair matched my expectations, which is to say that it is OK for a budget chair but just mediocre in all other respects. You’ll find more plastic pieces in this chair when compared to higher-end chairs, while the main structural components are all constructed of steel.

It is easy to use the swivel, tilt, and recline capabilities, and the chair maintains its equilibrium even when the backrest is practically parallel to the ground.

When we depart the chair, we notice a little squeak from the chair, which we find a minor inconvenience. Even though squeaking seems to be an issue (of varying severity) on the most inexpensive gaming seats I’ve come across, this chair is among the quietest ones we have found.

Chair Adjustability 

Regarding ergonomic characteristics, the GTRacing chair performs well for a gaming chair in this price range.

  • Tilting and reclining of the backrest (up to 170 degrees).
  • Tilt tension control is provided.
  • Tilt can be turned off if desired.
  • Outside cushions that are truly comfy are provided.
  • Armrests rotate inwards and outwards in three dimensions.

We can recline to such a great degree is my favorite feature. Even better, you can continue to tilt the backrest once it has been adjusted to 170 degrees, resulting in a rocking motion that is nothing short of coma-inducing.

We’ve had a few power naps at this posture on the GTRacing chair. It’s also worth mentioning that the external cushions with the package are beneficial. 

Both pillows are attached with straps and are height-adjustable; we especially like the neck pillow, which is contoured to fit precisely under my neck and can be adjusted up and down depending on my position.

On the GTRacing chair, the armrests are 3D and can be moved inwards and outwards. From a chair in this price range, it’s a pleasant surprise to see this.

Chair Comfortability 

This is a perfect moment to discuss the topic of comfort more broadly. Once you’ve got a comfortable backrest and a few external cushions in place, the only thing left to figure out is how excellent (or horrible) the chair cushioning is.

At first appearance, the cushioning in the seat seems to be minimal, being just 3.1 inches thick. On the other hand, the good news is that it is remarkably supportive and pleasant for people of average build, even after sitting in it for lengthy periods.

And that’s one thing to bear in mind: the GTRacing gaming chair is not intended for those who are very large or tall. And, based on its price, we’d flee if it purported to be anything other than that. 

For someone who weighs 143 lbs., the cushioning in the chair is more than enough. There was never a moment when we wished it had more during these two weeks. If you weigh 243 pounds, on the other hand, things can be a little different.

Is the GTRacing chair a comfy chair to sit in? Yes. Will it be comfortable for all of the participants? If you don’t fit the previously defined description, you’re probably out of luck.

Chair’s 5-year Warranty 

A one-year guarantee covers Ace chairs right out of the box. Follow these procedures to get a 5-year extension on your protection.

Use social media to share a picture of your chair (FB, Twitch, Reddit, YouTube, Twitter).

Send an image of your post to support ‘@’ with the subject line “screenshot.” As a result, you are eligible for a free 5-year warranty extension.


  • Comfortable memory foam padding on the seat
  • 3D armrests that pivot in and out 
  • Functional external pillows that are height adjustable 
  • A robust backrest that tilts and reclines up to 170 degrees


  • The chair squeaks a little bit
  • Chair dimensions not suitable for large users

The Final Verdict 

The Ace S1 chair is a more deluxe version of the GTRacing Pro Series. It performs all you need for full-time desk work with continuous dependability.

Since 2013, GTRacing has started producing gaming chairs. The firm has an outstanding reputation for producing high-quality chairs with dependable after-sales service. 

GTRacing support will assist you if anything goes wrong with your S1 chair. As a result, S1 chair indulgences are dependable additions that are assured of performing well. A Pro Series model will suffice if you want the lowest feasible pricing. However, if you can spend a little more, the Ace S1 chair’s amenities are well worth the extra money!

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