GTRacing Ace M1 Review

By | Last Updated on April 3, 2022

Here is a GTRacing ACE M1 Gaming Chair Review, a fantastic heavy-duty gaming chair for you with engaging and fascinating characteristics that will captivate you. 

The business has concentrated on its toughness while disregarding the other features that make this chair charmingly pleasant and highly adaptable to make you feel at ease. 

In terms of durability, it can support 350 pounds of weight. It has an aluminum frame and an aluminum foundation for a rock-solid interior. And this chair is adjustable in any manner you can think of while using it.

When it comes to heavy-duty gaming seats, their durability and strength are all that matters. That can withstand any weight and harm. We all speak about their eternal ability. 

However, that’s not the appropriate way to accomplish it. Why should we spend $300 on an ugly and unattractive gizmo if a chair isn’t great in other ways? So, without further ado, let’s get into the specifics of this GT-Racing Ace chair.

GTRacing Ace M1

  • High Back Gaming & Office Chair
  • Ergonomic Style
  • 4D Armrest Function
  • Integrated High-Density Foam
  • Head and Lumbar Pillow
  • Up to 5 Year Extended Warrenty

GTRacing Brand Overview 

GTRacing was created in 2011 and had a long and rich history. The website has sold more than 2,000,000 supportive office and gaming chairs to customers throughout the globe.

It didn’t take long for the company to succeed in the United States with the GTRacing gaming chair, initially designed as an office chair in 2013. This is how GTRacing expanded to Canada, Japan, and Europe and became a vital market. GTRacing’s “GT” stands for “gentle tiger,” yet many people don’t know it. This is a shorthand way of saying that the company specializes in manufacturing comfortable racing-style gaming chairs to help, encourage, and calm customers.

GTRacing Ace M1 Specifications 

Materialsteel frame; powder-coated aluminum base; gas lift; PU-coated casters.
Comforthigh-density foam padding; neck and lumbar support cushions.
Functionality4D armrests; recline to 170°; multifunction tilt-lock.

GTRacing Ace M1 Features 

1. Ergonomics 

Regarding the ergonomic design and features, we can confidently claim that they haven’t overlooked a single detail. Every effort has made this chair as user-friendly as possible while also being better for your body. 

We are all aware of the adverse effects that prolonged sitting can have on your body. However, because of its ergonomic design, this chair assists you in maintaining a healthy posture during your gaming session, allowing for optimal blood flow in your body. It makes sure that you get the best possible gaming experience.

2. Control Panel 

The control panel, located on one side of the chair and contains all of the buttons and levers, allows the chair to be adjusted in practically all directions. 

On the right side of this chair, a black lever with a seat mark allows you to modify the seat’s height. You can modify the seat height by moving it up and down on the seat rails. 

There are eight different height settings on this chair, with the lowest being 18.9′′ and the highest being 22′′. Secondly, the chair has a tilt locking lever that enables you to lock the chair’s backrest at a set angle since it is equipped with an innovative mechanism that allows you to do so. 

3. Reclining Feature 

It can recline back to an angle of 170°. Another endearing feature of this gaming chair is that it provides you with even another compelling reason to sit in it and relax and feel at peace. 

You can lie down on this chair, and the plush padding will make you feel like you’re in paradise. The operational capabilities of this chair are as follows: there is a lever on the right side of the chair that you can use to lock the recliner at a certain angle since it is equipped with a multi-tilt mechanism. 

4. 4D Functional Armrests 

Fortunately, we get to witness 4D armrests on this chair. They have proven to be a fantastic addition to this chair since everyone enjoys positioning the armrests in their preferred manner. 

Movement options include moving them up and down, back and forth, sideways, and even rotating them inwards and outwards. You will not be frustrated by its adjustability in all four directions, which is a great feature. Although the whole piece is made of plastic, it does not feel cheap. 

The thick and robust plastic, on the other hand, is of high-quality construction. The only issue we had with it was that the armrests did not have a locking mechanism, which frustrated us. 

It implies that they can move independently, which might be inconvenient. We wish they had only one button to press to accomplish their goal; that would have been the ideal option.

5. Adjustability 

When it comes to this chair, there is no doubt that it is very adaptable, and once you sit in it, it will seem as if you can modify every component of it to meet your specific requirements. 

The armrests, the backrest, the seat, and everything else can be adjusted to allow you to establish a calming and comfortable position for a more enjoyable gaming experience in any situation.

6. Maximum Weight Sufficiency 

Usually, gaming chairs can support a significant weight of around 250 pounds, but this chair can support up to 350 pounds of weight. 

Furthermore, it fulfills or exceeds the performance requirements for heavy-duty gaming seats in terms of robustness and durability.

7. Color Options 

This chair is available in various color options that are unique to it. It might also be difficult for you to decide on a color to wear. 

Every hue of this chair is very pleasing. It is available in four colors: black, white, beige, and ash.

8. PU Leather Upholstery 

The wonderful thing about this chair is that it is not made of low-quality leather but rather of high-quality premium thick PU Leather. It provides a luxurious feel and resilience to wear and tear, allowing it to be evergreen and long-lasting. 

Under the leather, there is a layer of cold-cured foam with anti-oxidation and elasticity-resistant qualities, which makes it snuggly and toasty. This process eventually enhances the appeal and satisfaction of this leather.


  • 4D armrests, tilt, rocking chair, etc.
  • Excellent comfortability 
  • Good value for money 
  • Easy assembly 
  • Good manufacturing quality 


  • Uncomfortable neck support 
  • The back cushion is a bit useless

The Final Verdict 

This chair, in our opinion, is an intriguing alternative to the many “high-end” you will find in the marketplace today.

The GTRacing Ace M1, which is $60 less costly than the Omega and $100 less expensive than the Titan, is distinguished above all by its quality-to-price ratio and incorporates the traditional chair characteristics.

The roomy rocking chair and the four-dimensional armrests spring to mind as examples. However, you must keep in mind that this is not a high-end product, and as a result, flaws are not entirely absent.

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