An Ultimate Guide to Clean a Gaming Chair

By | Last Updated on July 16, 2022

Gaming chairs are very close to the heart of a gamer because they give him excitement and the best moments during his leisure time. He always tries to maintain it well no matter what type of upholstery it contains. Because gaming chairs are expensive, that is why they demand much care and regular cleaning; otherwise, they lose their looks and start fading due to the penetrated dust particles. 

Besides regular cleaning, sometimes deep cleaning becomes mandatory after weeks or months. The deep cleaning of a gaming chair makes it ready to use again with a new look. But most gamers, especially beginners, do not know how to clean a gaming chair? If you are also wondering to know the detailed procedure, then you can read this guide.

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Stepwise Process to Clean a Gaming Chair 

Most gaming chairs come with an instructional manual that contains the complete procedure of cleaning a gaming chair recommended by the manufacturer. Usually, gamers use vacuum cleaning or damp cloth to clean the gaming chair. Furthermore, to keep the chair clean, do not try to eat while sitting on it, and if you have to, then use some blanket or a cloth to cover the chair or use napkins to clean your hand right after the meal. But if you still have some queries, then after reading these steps, you will surely become able to clean the gaming chair very efficiently. Give it a read!

There are seven steps to cleaning a gaming chair. They are as follows: 

Step 1:

Verify the Material of the Chair

Verify the Material of the Chair

The upholstery which is used to cover the gaming chair is very important because it decides how to clean it. For example, the fabric gaming chairs are washable because the cover can be removed for washing, while the leather gaming chairs can only be cleaned by using a damp cloth. So you must be clear about the upholstery, whether it is PVC leather, PU leather, fabric, or mesh.

Furthermore, the casing of the chair, or you can say the frame of the chair, is another major aspect that you should consider. You must check whether it is made of steel or plastic. Plastic is easier to clean as compared to steel.

Step 2:

Gather Items Necessary for Cleaning

Gather Items Necessary for Cleaning

After verifying the material, you now have to collect all the necessary items for cleaning according to the material. The basic items include brushes, sponges, warm water in a bowl, and a neat cloth. These items vary as they depend on how much cleaning you want. Furthermore, you can use a dishwasher because it is quite efficient in cleaning and does not damage the material. Alcohol-based solvents can also be used for the deep cleaning of stains.

Step 3:

Use Vacuum to Clean the Dust

Use Vacuum to Clean the Dust

Check the surface of the gaming chair. If you find debris or dust on it, then you can use a vacuum cleaner, but this is the case when the chair has a mesh or fabric upholstery. If the chair contains leather upholstery, whether PU or PVC leather, then you can clean the dust by using a cloth or microfiber rug.

Step 4:

Remove the Markings by Cleaning the Upholstery 

Once you have cleaned the surface of the chair, then you should check the tough stains on the upholstery. If you find any, then remove them by using a solvent which is recommended on the care tag of the gaming chair. The care tag contains either S or W. If S is written on the tag, then you should use a solvent-based solution for cleaning, but if it has a W on the tag, then a water-based solution will be used. Scrubbing is recommended for fabric gaming chairs, but the vigorous scrubbing of the leather chair can damage the upholstery. 

Step 5: 

Remove the Stubborn Stains

Now it is the turn of the tough stains. The stubborn stains do not clean with a cloth or a solution and then need some special treatment with alcohol. You can use cotton balls soaked in alcohol to clean your chair but make sure not to clean it without a spot check. You can apply the spot inside the chair. If the alcohol does not harm the chair, then it means it is okay to go further. 

Step 6: 

Clean the Rest of Your Gaming Chair

After the thorough cleaning of the upholstery of the gaming chair, you now have to check the other parts of the gaming chair, like the base and armrests, etc. For this, you need a sponge along with the detergent or warm water. Moreover, you can also disinfect the chair, especially when you sit on it for many days without taking a bath. 

Step 7:

Deep Cleaning 

The deep cleaning or the detailed cleaning is a little tough as compared to the normal cleaning, as you have to disassemble the parts of the gaming chair. Because not all gamers have the experience, and even some experienced gamers do not know how to assemble and disassemble the components. So if you are interested in deep cleaning of the chair, then do notice the location of the screws as most of the dust particles penetrate here, and not even the sponge or cloth can clean these areas. 

Furthermore, another important part is the caster because they contain all the floor debris, so make sure that all the dust is wiped out. In addition to this, you should know how to assemble the parts again. For this purpose, you can lubricate them. 

Final Words

Keeping the gaming chair clean is necessary for every gamer, but this cleaning depends on the type of material and upholstery your chair contains. Hopefully, this guide has explained all the main steps of how to clean a gaming chair that will guide you in your next cleaning experience. Enjoy cleaning!

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