Can Office Chairs Explode? Detailed Explanation

By | Last Updated on January 8, 2022

When PewDiePie, a well-known YouTuber and comedian, mentioned exploding chairs in one of his videos, everyone was curious about why and how such a catastrophic event could occur. Google Trends searches for the topic spiked just a few hours after he spoke about it.

People started to search can office chairs explode? So, the answer to the question is that it is unlikely for office chairs to explode. Office chairs have a one-in-a-trillion risk of exploding. Only three times in the history of office chairs has something like this happened.

Despite the rarity of this occurrence, there have been reports of exploding office and gaming swivel chairs resulting in severe and occasionally deadly injuries.

Cases of Office Chair Explosion

Despite the rarity of this occurrence, there have been reports of exploding office and gaming swivel chairs resulting in severe and occasionally deadly injuries. Over the last decade, there have been three high-profile cases.

  • A 150mm steel rod shot out of a 65-year-old man’s chair in 2008, badly injuring his back and both arms.
  • In 2009, a 14-year-old kid from China’s Shandong Province died due to a malfunctioning gas cylinder.
  • The most recent documented office chair explosion occurred in 2013, when a 24-year-old lady from Fujian, China, was injured in a significant chair explosion. According to the story, the chair she was sitting in exploded, sending metal fragments into her body, according to the storey. The metal fragments came from her chair’s piston. According to Chinese media sources, emergency surgery physicians were able to extract the chair piston shards, pieces of steel, and a dozen screws from her torso.

However, despite these three sad uncommon cases, you shouldn’t be concerned because most office chair manufacturers adhere to strict manufacturing regulations, ensuring that these chairs are comfortable to sit in and entirely safe.

How Do Office Chairs Explode Actually?

Although it is scarce that office chairs explode, I can tell you how office chairs burst. To explain office chair flashing, you need first to understand how office chairs work. A pressurized gas chamber is part of the mechanism that permits your chair to rise and sink. Two sources cause this gas pressure.

The first is that the chamber is completely sealed. There’s also a moveable gas spring inside the compartment that takes up a lot of space. The gas spring is now unlocked by lifting the height adjustment lever. The compressed gas can then raise your chair by pushing the spring upward. The lifting gas spring is quite forceful due to the high pressure (about 1,500 to 2,500 PSI). Strong enough to pierce the chair’s seat and your back!

Fortunately, numerous factors prevent this from occurring. For starters, the gas spring is held in place by a mighty piston, preventing it from flying out of control. Tight seals limit not only that but the height of the gas spring. Many things have to go wrong at the same time for an office chair to explode.

The piston must be unfastened, and all seals must be broken, and the office chair must be at its lowest setting (this is when the pressure is highest). It can also explode if pressurized air is used instead of pressurized gas.

Causes of Office Explosion

In the few occurrences cited, dishonest manufacturers tried to save money by utilizing air instead of industry-standard nitrogen gas. Because ordinary air includes a lot of oxygen, the air in the gas spring eventually rusted. The gas spring may deteriorate over time to the point that leaks occur, resulting in explosions.

Other factors that could lead to a gas cylinder explosion include:

  • Extensive Abuse: Simply sitting in a good office chair reduces the risk of an explosion. However, even the most significant gas spring chair can quickly burst when subjected to abusive conditions, resulting in catastrophic damage or injury. Someone purposely hitting or puncturing a gas spring piston, for example, dramatically increases the chance of an explosion. Another cause is suddenly putting a lot of weight on the chair, which might create a blast by putting too much pressure inside the gas cylinder. It’s also possible to blow up an office chair by jumping up and down in it. It’s a long shot, but it’s possible.
  • Poor Manufacturing Standards– As previously stated, some manufacturers attempt to save money by using air instead of nitrogen gas in construction. This behavior is believed to be the cause of three known explosive events. The good news is that most office chairs in many regions of the world, including the United States, Europe, and Asia, are constructed to industry standards. The governments in these areas impose tight safety and quality regulations during the manufacturing process, reducing the risk of an explosion. To avoid the risks, it is still highly recommended that you acquire offices from reliable manufacturers.

Safety Measures by the Manufacturer

Following the third office chair explosion, a strict rule governing office chair cylinders was enacted. This was done to ensure the safety of all users.

According to the rule, any office chair that a manufacturer produces must pass stringent tests before being released. These tests ensure that there are no further explosions on the horizon.

Before being released, the chair and cylinder must be of the highest quality. So now, if a chair gas cylinder does burst, it will happen in the lab, where it will be safe. These tests were most likely performed on the office chair you’re sitting on right now.

How To Protect Yourself 

Consider your workplace chair to be an investment. It is crucial not only for your protection but also for your overall health. Wealth becomes useless when one’s health is compromised. Several suggestions can help you achieve peace of mind.

If you follow these guidelines, your office chair will last a long time.

  • Only get office chairs from reputable companies. Cheap office chair brands should be avoided at all costs. This does not refer to the price. There are numerous high-quality brands available. I’m talking about construction quality here. As previously said, some manufacturers cut corners during the manufacturing process to save money, which results in tragic accidents like the ones described above

.The good news is that most gas cylinder manufacturers adhere to high quality and safety regulations throughout production, which is why explosions are sporadic. If you’re ordering something from Amazon, check sure it’s not only from a respected manufacturer, but also has a high safety rating.

  • Never leap from an office chair that has been fully lifted. As an adult, you would probably never consider doing something like this. However, there may be times when you feel compelled to undertake such a trick. It’s not worth taking the chance. Tell your children not to jump on your chair. if you work from home

You should also avoid striking or puncturing the gas cylinder in your chair. Because the gas inside the cha may start escaping due to the damage, it might explode the instant someone sits on it.

  • .Do not tamper with the gas spring. Older office chairs tend to sink without warning. An old and malfunctioning gas spring is frequently the cause of a sinking chair. Although replacing the cylinder is simple, you must follow the directions carefully to avoid future difficulties. If you don’t feel confident in your ability to replace it, hire someone else or a professional to do it for you. When removing the cylinder, be careful not to damage any pieces.

Also, no matter how intrigued you are, don’t meddle with the cylinder. If something goes wrong, things can rapidly turn ugly.

  • .Install a New Gas Spring CylinderA malfunctioning gas spring does not automatically imply that the chair will explode. The only problem you might have is your chair sinking, but you never know what might happen if the gas leaks and the cylinder stops working properly.

  Not only would replacing the gas spring lessen the risk of an explosion, but it will also extend the life of your cherished chair. You can get a genuine replacement part from the maker of your chair.

If you’re still afraid about this tragic scenario playing out in your mind, keep these things in mind:

  • Before you click to ship, read the chair’s specifications.
  • NEVER attempt to sit in a chair that has been fully lifted.
  • NEVER attempt to repair the pneumatic system yourself.
  • Take care of your chair, and don’t toss it around like a rag doll.

What factors should you consider before selecting an office chair?

Finally, there is a portion that is perhaps the pinnacle of interest.

The following are things to look for while selecting the ideal office chair.

First and foremost, be aware that only three cases have been documented out of the billions of office chairs in use worldwide, implying that the possibilities are slim. Always read customer reviews before purchasing from a specific store or provider. To eliminate the lingering ambiguity, you can also invest in a high-quality ergonomic chair that will help protect and support your back.

Set aside a suitable amount of money to purchase the chair. Inspect it and assess its durability, resistance, and toughness when choosing a material. Sit in a sample chair to see how comfortable it is and how supportive the armrest is. When you get your new product home, make sure you follow the directions to the letter when assembling the chair and double-check for any mistakes.


Let us now move towards generally asked questions

What Are the Odds of a Chair Blowing Up?

There are millions of office chairs on the market, and you’ll rarely hear about one of them exploding, except three extremely unusual occurrences. As a result, the likelihood of a chair exploding is likely one in a million. Explosions in gaming chairs are also uncommon.

Is Compressed Air Available in Office Chairs?

Compressed or pressured air is used in only a few chairs on the market. The bulk of them employ nitrogen gas that has been compressed. As previously stated, chairs that engage the height adjusting mechanism with pressurized air are unsafe and should be avoided. As a result, it is strongly advised that you get a chair from a recognized manufacturer.

What is the maximum weight that an office chair can support?

The majority of office and gaming chairs have a weight limit of 250 pounds. These chairs are primarily intended for people of ordinary height and weight. Manufacturers also offer office chairs with a higher weight capacity suited explicitly for big and tall persons because there are no one-size-fits-all chairs. Some gaming and office chairs can handle people weighing between 300 and 500 pounds.

What is an Office Chair’s Life Expectancy?

A typical office chair has a lifespan of one to ten years. A durable, ergonomic chair made of high-quality materials, on the other hand, can last for ten years or more.

Is it possible to die from an office chair?

The only way an office chair can kill you is if it explodes while you’re sitting in it. However, as we’ve shown, the possibilities of a chair exploding are pretty remote, so you don’t have to be concerned about your chair killing you one day.


Yes, an office chair has the potential to explode. It’s an unusual occurrence. Make sure you only get the best office chair brand to avoid this. A damaged gas cylinder should be replaced, and the chair should not be subjected to excessive abuse, as this can increase the chance of it exploding.

Enjoy your office work without worrying about the chair exploding now that you’ve picked and installed it appropriately. This explanation was intended to alert individuals to potential danger from everyday activities.

You have nothing to be afraid of if you follow our guidance on avoiding an office chair explosion and choose carefully. Choose and construct correctly, and you’ll be ready to go at any time. I hope this gives you some comfort in knowing that workplace chairs are pretty unlikely to explode. The purpose of the presentation was to persuade you that your office and gaming chairs are entirely secure.

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