6 Best Sitting Positions for Achieving Promising Results in Work Within a Few Days

By | Last Updated on July 16, 2022

People who earn their livelihood by working 9 to 5 are much more accustomed to stiffness, discomfort, and tension in the back due to continuous hours of sitting in the same position for straight 7 to 8 hours a day. Even people whose primary source of income is YouTube or any other online platform spend ample time with a chair, laptop, and cell phone to get their work done before deadlines. 

It signifies that sitting position matters a lot for every individual irrespective of his age and gender. Keeping that in consideration, it is crucially valuable to figure out the best sitting positions in your office, during online work, and while chilling out with your friends in your bedroom so that you won’t face back aches more often. 

Go ahead for surmising effortless sitting positions that will ensure more productivity, phenomenal body posture, and lesser back issues while carrying out the different endeavors, as this article has come up with some effortless positions! 

Why does the Sitting Position Matter? 

Why does the Sitting Position Matter?
  • Sitting position tells a great deal about your personality and values 
  • Sitting position is one of the things the panel notices during interviews
  • Best body posture directly impacts the outcomes of your work, study, and daily tasks 
  • Best sitting positions make your attention focused on a target 
  • Best body postures are a sign of healthy living – a sound mind and a sound body 

Insight into Best Sitting Positions for Someone Who Wants to Become More Productive and Remain Active Throughout the Day

1.      Keep Minimum Distance Between Your Chair and Desk

Minimum Distance Between Your Chair and Desk

One of the simplest ways of lessening discomfort during office work is to maintain a minimum distance between your desk and chair, as it will provide your arms with maximum room to rest. Sitting straight and close to the desk with your arms resting on the desk maximizes your concentration and ensures productive outcomes. Additionally, this position makes you feel more active and vigorous throughout the day!

Lying on your office chair can add a negative impression to your performance and make you feel drained out in the first few minutes. Must try out this sitting position for securing productive results!

2.      Sit With Direct Alignment of Head and Neck Above Shoulders

One of the best ways to sit for your office work is to maintain proper alignment of the neck and head above the shoulders. This sitting position facilitates the maintenance of a stupendous body posture that not only makes you more confident and energetic during your work but also makes you more prone to getting a promotion, as such postures matter a lot during interviews and while evaluating office staff.

3.      For Soothing Effect, Keep a Minimum Distance Between Your Back and the Backrest of the Chair

The only reason for making a backrest in chairs is to provide absolute soothing to your back. This sitting position is particularly valuable for people who face mild backaches time and again, plus people who get anxious promptly, as this posture promises them comfort and doesn’t allow them to become overwhelmed by the sight of work that is to be done in the next few hours. Students who are preparing for entrance or competitive exams can use this sitting position for maintaining comfort during preparation!

4.      Keeping Upper Arms and Spine Parallel to Each Other – Move Chair Close to the Desk for Maximum Results

This sitting position comes with a limitation. For procuring ultimate results of this sitting position, it is crucial to keep your office or gaming chair adjacent to the desk. By keeping your arms and spine parallel to one another, you enjoy a strain-free working experience. This posture is most recommended when a person is already struggling with his posture.

It is crucial to maintain exceptionally professional posture during and after work as posture has a direct impact on physical and emotional health as only a sound body can keep up with a sound mind. When your physical health is questionable, you have to fall prey to emotional and mental health issues. This sitting position is a must-try for students and young adults who are facing issues with postures and lethargic attitudes!

5.      Avert Crossing of Legs While Keeping Feet Flat on the Floor

Avert Crossing of Legs While Keeping Feet Flat on the Floor

One of the most meaningful sitting positions is to maintain feet straight on the ground and evade leg crossing. Flat feet are a sign of morals and dignity, whereas crossed legs give a religiously unapologetic stance to the viewers that either you are suffering from inferiority or superiority complex.

Furthermore, this sitting posture promotes proper blood passage to the feet. The more blood flow is smooth in your body, the more healthy you feel. The more healthy you feel, the more you enjoy enthusiasm in daily chores and office work. This position is a great choice for young adults who often become sleepy during their work as proper blood supply to body parts undervalue the likelihood of lethargic effects during and after work!

6.      For Added Comfort One Can Even Use Neckrest and Footrest

Easiness is the utmost thing that matters for the majority of individuals while making purchases of the products. Chairs with pre-existing footrests and neckrests provide you with a fun sitting experience and don’t make you feel depleted even after hours of sitting. These items provide space for the neck and foot, which is why a person doesn’t feel uncomfortable or uneasy during sitting plus, when substratum is provided to these items, they make you feel energized. Such chairs are crucially valuable for students who have to carry out night sessions or those who enjoy headlong sessions of video games during their vacations.


The sitting position not only adds positive or negative points to your physical health but also decides the amount of productivity during a day as a person who doesn’t sit actively loses his vigor soon as compared to someone who sits close to the desk with arms placed on the desk. Hope this article has helped you a lot in deciding the best sitting position for you. Adieu!

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