Top 10 Best Gaming Chair with Footrest 2022

By | Last Updated on August 16, 2021

Gaming chairs are fantastic pieces of furniture that will enhance any player’s gameplay experience. Most of them feature built-in footrests that enable your feet to rest throughout long games. A gaming chair with a footrest provides the necessary relaxation throughout a gaming session, promotes blood circulation, and enhances posture.

When looking for the most outstanding gaming chair with a footrest, it’s essential to look into particular features depending on your demands, such as ergonomic design, the best materials utilized, and spectacular patterns to match the rest of your game room’s decor.

In this article, we will review the Best Gaming Chair with Footrests for you. These products feature excellent quality, durability, ergonomic design and are affordable for every age group.

What is zero gravity reclining? – Ultimate Feature of Gaming Chair with Footrest

A zero-gravity reclining refers to when you are suspended in a position without force on your body. A chair that features zero gravity reclining allows you to distribute your weight evenly across the chair.

The zero gravity is mainly featured in gaming chairs which include footrests. When the footrest is unfolded and the backrest is reclined, it portrays a similar position, where your body weight is appropriately distributed across the chair. This relieves muscle tension in the pelvis, back, hips, and legs, reducing pain and muscle fatigue in these areas.

Astronauts use this same pose during their space flights. While departing Earth’s gravitational pull, they assume a zero-gravity attitude to avoid the extreme stress caused by unexpected spikes in gravity.

Zero Gravity gaming chairs mostly have a tilt locking feature that lets you customize and secure the chair at your desired angle. Zero gravity chairs can be used for multiple purposes, and many people like to read a book, work on a laptop, or do other tasks while reclining in a zero-gravity chair. You can find the most comfortable gaming or working position with a zero-gravity recliner that provides pain alleviation and a healthy, neutral spine.

Types of Footrest Gaming Chair

As time changes, technology evolves with it, and chairs are also changing in terms of features. In 2021, if you’re a gamer looking for the best gaming chair with a footrest, you should know about the types of gaming chairs with footrests. Following types can help you in that

High-end Gaming Chair with Footrest

You may want to know about the brands that offer the best high-end gaming chairs with footrests. DXRacer is the best brand for a gaming chair with a footrest due to its high-end and pro Esports features. AutoFull is another brand that offers a high–end footrest option. Some other brands are RESPAWN, XRocker, BestOffice, etc.

Gaming Chairs with Footrest for Living Room

Most gaming chairs with a footrest for a living room costs less than $200. Their armrests are not adjustable and limited features. However, if you can spend more than $200 on the chair, you can get the chair with adjustable armrests. It helps you in sync with your desk. You may want to go for the chair that has padded armrests.

Gaming Chair with Footrest for Offices

Unlike the gaming chairs for living rooms, its adjustable armrests are different. Its armrests height is specially designed to set the size according to your desk height which will help your long office hours. When you’re done with the work, you can lower the height of armrests and allow your arms to relax.

Benefits of Footrest Gaming Chair:

A footrest computer chair is an appealing solution for those who sit for lengthy periods. Following are the benefits of using a gaming chair that features a footrest:

  • A footrest gaming chair provides its users with a workaround by allowing a more active sitting position. Begin by sitting in the chair usually. Pull out the footrest when you start to feel fatigued.
  • During a typical workday, a footrest gaming chair allows you to use and withdraw the footrest to your footrest. This helps to relieve muscle strain and lumbar pressure.
  • A gaming chair with a footrest provides the necessary relaxation during a gaming session, promotes blood circulation, and encourages better posture.
  • A footrest chair prevents you from staying in the same position for too long since sitting in a place for too long can result in long-term pain.
  • A footrest is frequently the answer for shorter persons who want to preserve appropriate sitting posture. Even if you’re the right height and your legs are entirely touching the ground as they should be, you can cross your legs by using the footrest to support your feet.

10 Best Gaming Chair with Footrest Comparison Chart



  • Adjustable Lumbar & Lumbar Pillow
  • Padded Armrest
  • Extended Footrest
  • Weight Capacity 275 lbs
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GTRacing Gaming Chair

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Ficmax Gaming Chair

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VON RACER Gaming Chair

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KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair

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ELECWISH Gaming Chair

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GTRACING Gaming Chair

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Marvel Avengers Gaming Chair

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Shuanghu Gaming Chair

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1. RESPAWN 110 Racing Gaming Chair

  • Adjustable Lumbar & Lumbar Pillow
  • Padded Armrest
  • Extended Footrest
  • Weight Capacity 275 lbs
  • A retractable footrest is there for your body to stretch whenever you want.
  • An Adjustable headrest and pillowed backrest to provide comfort.
  • Its 4D adjustability allows the backrest to recline up to 155 degrees.
  • It has smooth-rolling casters that enable 360 degrees of vigorous movements.

If you’re a gamer looking to buy the best reclining gaming chair with a footrest, then RESPAWN 110 is your best bet. It features an extendable footrest for reinforcement. You can also adjust the footrest to be in your comfort zone.  It also has a 360 swivel mechanism that enables vigorous movement. 

The top feature of this chair is its 4D adjustability. Its backrest can be reclined up to 90-155 degrees without breaking. Also, it has infinite lock positions so that you can lock your preferred position. All you need is to adjust the perfect setting, and you’re all set for the day. Moreover, its armrests are completely padded for better support.

This ergonomic chair is installed with adjustable headrests and fluffy backrest pillows. These pillows provide proper lumbar support to your back and help your spine fit in without external pressure. Being a gamer, you wish to go for a chair that gives a decent look. 

It also has a segmented padded design for proper support. In that case, you shouldn’t worry about buying this product because its padded leather gives a perfect professional look. You can also adjust its seat with the help of a tension bolt. Thanks to its brilliant features, this chair can also be the best gaming chair for back pain.


  • Padded leather seat
  • Easy to assemble
  • Perfect Professional look
  • Flip-up armrests


  • Armrests are not durable

2. GTRacing Gaming Chair

  • 1. 2D armrests are there to provide proper comfort to your elbows and shoulders.
  • 2. Its backrest can be reclined at an angle of up to 170 degrees for your convenience.
  • 3. A cushioned backrest with a pillowed headrest to give lumbar and neck support.
  • 4. Its tilt locking mechanism can be used to lock the reclined position to help you get comfortable.

GTRacing is dedicated to providing the best gaming chair with a footrest to its customer. This chair comes with a retractable footrest for your body to be stretched whenever you want. It has a cushioned backrest to provide lumbar and a pillowed headrest to provide neck support to make you comfortable. 

Its seat is made of high-density foam and thickly padded with Pu leather to help your thighs and hips fit in properly. It has a heavy-duty metal frame that makes the chair more durable, reliable, and sturdy. Its seat height can be raised and go down by loosening the knop underneath the seat.

It has 2D armrests that can be adjusted according to your needs. Its armrests can go up and down to make your elbows and arms comfortable. It has smooth wheels to help the person sitting in the chair move swiftly. It has 360 degrees swivel mechanism that enables vigorous movements.

Its backrest can be reclined at an angle of up to 170 degrees. Moreover, its reclined position can be locked by using the tilt locking mechanism. Find the preferred recline angle and close it, and then you’re all set for the day. It has a rocking function that can be used to make the reclined position stable.


  • Rocking function
  • 360-degree swivel mechanism
  • Retractable footrest
  • Easy to assemble


  • Armrests are wobbly

3. FANTASYLAB Gaming Chair

  • 1. A detachable headrest and memory foam padded lumbar cushion for lumbar support and massage.
  • 2. The seat height can be adjusted using the explosion-proof gas lifter that is installed in the chair.
  • 3. Breathable foam to prevent the person from getting warm in hot conditions.
  • 4. A tilt locking mechanism to lock the reclined backrest for proper comfort.

FANTASYLAB Gaming Chair is the best gaming chair with footrest and massage when we talk about the chair that comes with footrest. It comes with a detachable headrest that helps your neck to fit in properly. Its armrests are also thickly padded with leather to provide proper comfort.

Its lumbar is padded with memory foaming and can be used for a massage by connecting a USB. This way, it can relieve the stress from your back. It has nylon-based rolling casters to allow swift movements during intense gaming.  Its 360 degrees swivel mechanism also ensures dynamic movements.

An explosion-proof gas lifter is there to adjust the seat height of the chair. You need to use the tension-liver underneath the seat to adjust the seat height. Its footrest can also be locked using the tilt locking handle. It can lift an outrageous weight capacity of up to 400 pounds.

Its backrest can easily be reclined at an angle of 155 degrees. You can use the tilt locking mechanism to lock the reclined backrest for your comfort. Moreover, its seat is made of breathable leather to prevent the person sitting in the chair from getting warm during summer or hot conditions.


  • One-year warranty
  • Reclining function
  • Smooth-rolling casters
  • High-density padded seat


  • The metal frame is not durable

4. Ficmax Gaming Chair

  • 1. A USB-powered massage lumbar cushion is there to massage your back whenever you want.
  • 2. 4.8-inch thick padded memory foam seat to give long-lasting support to your hips and thighs.
  • 3. Padded armrests that can be raised and down according to the customer’s pleasure.
  • 4. 360-degrees swivel mechanism that allows dynamic movements while sitting in the chair. 

Micromax gaming chair is dedicated to providing luxury and comfort to its customers during long workdays and intense gaming sessions. It comes with an adjustable pillowed headrest to give reassurance to your neck. Its seat is also 4.8-inch dense foam to disperse the pressure from your hips and thighs.

It has a tall padded backrest to give lumbar support. Moreover, its backrest is cushioned, which is USB supportive, so that you can use it to get a massage whenever you want by connecting a USB. It has a tension lever to adjust the rocking function when the backrest is in a reclined position.

Its backrest can be reclined at an angle of up to 180 degrees, i.e., horizontally. A tilt locking mechanism is there to lock your most comfortable position. Its armrests are thickly padded to provide comfort to the shoulders. Furthermore, the armrests can be adjusted up and down, up to 8 cm in length.

Smooth-rolling wheels are installed in the chair to allow swift movements while being in the chair using the 360-degree swivel mechanism. It is made up of heavy-duty metal to make its base sturdier and more reliable. It comes with a limited warranty of one year on replacement parts.


  • Adjustable pillowed headrest
  • Adjustable Rocking function
  • One-month free return
  • Tilt locking


  • Difficult to assemble

5. VON RACER Gaming Chair

  • 1. A detachable lumbar cushion can also be used for a massage through its USB port.
  • 2. Its backrest can be reclined at an angle of up to 135 degrees for your back’s comfort.
  • 3. A retractable footrest for your legs to stretch whenever you want. 
  • 4. A tension liver underneath to adjust the height of the seat according to the needs.

VON RACER provides a comfortable and durable gaming chair for gamers looking for the best gaming chair with a footrest. It comes with an adjustable headrest to provide comfort to your neck. Its seat is padded with Pu leather to make you comfortable without having to worry about hip pain.

Its armrests are also adjustable. You can lift and down the armrests to make your elbows and arms comfortable. It has a detachable lumbar cushion to provide lumbar support; you can also get a massage through your lumbar pillow by connecting a USB to its port.

It features a retractable footrest that helps your body stretch and blood circulation during long workdays and intense gaming sessions. Its backrest can also be reclined up to an angle of 90 to 135 degrees. It has a hydraulic pressure gas lifter to raise and down the seat height.

You can use the tension-liver underneath to adjust the seat height. It also has smooth-rolling casters that enable 360 degrees swivel movements. Its wheels are made up of premium material to protect the floor. It can lift the maximum capacity of 250 pounds that is below average for a gaming chair.


  • Adjustable pillowed headrest
  • Adjustable 2D armrests
  • Tilt locking
  • 360 degrees swivel mechanism


  • Bad Reclining function

6. KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair

  • 1. Multiple adjustment options from KILLABEE, including the retractable footrest and reclining back, offer comfy seating. 
  • 2. A thick, soft cushioning or padding gently supports and hugs your back
  • 3. Adjustable lumbar cushions prevent uncomfortable seating, and the built-in massager provides comfort
  • 4. Height regulating mechanisms, along with a 360-degrees swivel and back angle recline, has got everyone covered. 

Not every gaming chair is for gamers and professionals, but you can opt for them if you need extra support and comfort! That’s where the KILLABEE Ergonomic Chair comes in. This customizable chair is designed with extreme lumbar support and impeccable cushioning and padding. This is considered to be the best gaming chair with footrest.

The chair has many adjusting systems and comfy seat settings so that you get full support while dealing with backache and spine injuries. The retractable footrest, along with the thickened armrests, is the premium feature for this KILLABEE gaming chair. What’s on top of all is the USB electric massager embedded in the lumbar support pillow. It can effectively provide you soothing comfort and let you enjoy the luxurious feel even if you’re sitting for hours. 

The height regulating mechanism will further open doors to customization. You cannot only increase or decrease the size as per your needs but can enjoy a 360-degrees swivel and back angle recline. The recline locking system lets you lock the back from 90 to 175 degrees. Making this chair the best reclining gaming chair with a footrest.

The sturdy metal framing will last longer than the usual chairs and can withstand a weight of up to 250 lbs. 


  • 90-175 degrees recline
  • 250 lbs. max weight limit 
  • USB electric massager
  • Thick, soft seat cushion 


  • Assembly takes time

7. ELECWISH Gaming Chair

  • 1. A USB port to start massaging from the lumbar cushion for dual vibration
  • 2. The chair comes with a sturdy retractable footrest to provide comfort to your feet
  • 3. The chair features removable neck and lumbar support pillows to avoid lower back and neck pain.
  • 4. The sturdy base and smooth-rolling casters provide better mobility
  • 5. The chair features an automatic recline up to 90-150 degrees and a lock feature

If you want to improve your gaming experience, the Elecwish chair comes with several outstanding features, like full 360-degree swivel motion, recline tension, and a plethora of adjustment options. The seat of the chair can fit a wide range of body sizes. The racing backrest is stylish but not excessive, so that this chair may be used as an office chair as well.

This chair is the best gaming chair with a footrest; the footrest is retractable to keep your legs comfy and supported throughout gaming sessions. From beneath the seat, it stretches forward. If you want to move it forward, simply recline first and then use the knob to adjust it.

The chair features a  removable neck support pillow in the backrest to protect your neck from strain and discomfort. When it comes to the adjustable arms, they are inclined downward to provide you with adequate length to operate a mouse and keyboard at a computer table.

It has an excellent reclining function up to 165 degrees, so if you’re super tired and want to take a nap, then it’s no longer a problem now. Furthermore, 360 swivels are also there to improvise perfect movement while gaming without leaving your comfort zone. 

You get superior support from the five-star base and relax in the chair’s sturdy construction, also suited for heavy persons. When reclining, the wide backrest is accessible to keep your back pleasant and stable.


  • Seat covers are made of high-quality PU leather.
  • Provides value for money
  • Accommodates all body types and sizes.
  • Adjustable in every way.


  • Difficult to assemble

8. GTRACING Gaming Chair

  • 1. A Bluetooth adapter with two speakers to enable a gaming environment
  • 2. 3D adjustable armrests to provide proper support to your arms and elbows
  • 3. A recline angle of up to 170 degrees to help you be in a comfortable position
  • 4. The chair features a headrest pillow that is removable if it is making you uncomfortable

Are you looking for the best gaming chair with footrest? So you should invest in this GTRacing Gaming Chair. It is qualified as one of the best gaming chairs out there. It comes with a Bluetooth adapter and two speakers to give a proper gaming environment. To play music, you can connect the chair with your tablet, phone, PC, Gaming console, etc.

You can adjust its 3D armrests according to your needs. This way, it helps to disperse the pressure from your shoulders and elbows. It has a verified gas lifter to make the seat adjustable. Now you can adjust the seat as per the requirement. Its speakers provide a 6-hour long music play to enjoy.

Its backrest has a perfect recline angle of up to 170 degrees to give proper comfort to your back when you are super tired. It has a removable headrest. So if the headrest is making you uncomfortable in any way, you can remove it. It also has a retractable footrest for your legs, so now you don’t have to worry about sitting long hours with your feet dangling.

It has a smooth rolling caster for 360 degrees movements. Its seat is padded with thick leather and made up of high-density foam. It has a high-quality, sturdy base. It can lift to the maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. Now you can move around quickly without getting distracted from your game.


  • Compatibility with different devices
  • Adjustable seat height
  • High-density foam
  • Rocking functions


  • Slightly difficult to assemble

9. Marvel Avengers Gaming Chair

  • 1. The chair features a wide backrest that can recline up to 180-degrees
  • 2. The chair has a built-in lumbar cushion massager that provides comfort to your back
  • 3. The 3D adjustable armrest allows you to move your arms from time to time
  • 4. The chair features a removable neck and lumbar pillow

The marvel avengers gaming chairs were created with a variety of users in mind. It has a large seat and a vast backrest, making it suitable for everyone. The built-in massager, which provides your back a VIP massage treatment after long hours of sitting, is the chair’s best feature.

The sturdy, curved backrest allows you to move from side to side while maintaining steady lumbar support. The chair’s high-density cushion also offers constant comfort and durability. The chair also comes with lumbar and neck pillows that may be modified for your convenience and support.

The chair’s spacious backrest reclines to 180 degrees, allowing you to take brief naps in between gaming sessions. The chair’s height, as well as the neck and lumbar support pillows, can be adjusted to your liking.

The 3D adjustable armrest allows you to keep moving your arms in different positions to avoid getting numb. The chair also features 360-degree rotation that will enable you accessibility and movement without any restrictions.  This chair makes sure to ensure customer satisfaction.

The chair is equipped with the most up-to-date Class-4 gas lift, ensuring stability whether you sit or move in it. This chair has a seat height adjustment range of 4 inches and can handle up to 300 pounds, making it easier to fit beneath a desk.


  • Wide backrest and seat
  • Contoured lumbar support
  • Automatic recline
  • 3D adjustable armrest


  • No carpet casters

10. Shuanghu Gaming Chair

  • 1. The chair features S-shaped adjustable backrest to mimic your back movement
  • 2. The built-in springs support of the chair allows for alleviating back pain
  • 3. The back and the seat are made of high-concentrated cushions to provide comfort
  • 4. The 360-degree swivel provides smooth movement in an office environment

The Shuanghu Gaming Chair is the best gaming chair with footrest, designed to have a thick steel skeleton that promotes a sturdy and reliable base for the other elements of this chair and a retractable footrest for your legs to elevate your comfort. Atop the metal skeleton, there is a high-density cushion that is made of sustainable materials. This cushion facilitates the customer’s long service life and comfort and a high-quality leather skin covering that is both wear-resisting and skin-friendly.

The ergonomic design of this gaming chair includes features that facilitate a neck supporting headrest and an S-shaped backrest design, with additional pillows for the neck and back, which allow the customer to remain comfortable even after long hours of use. This chair allows for ease in movement with the help of multi-directional wheels that can rotate a complete 360-degree turn and enable the customer to recline and lift the chair within the specified angle and dimensions. 

This chair is a budget-friendly gaming chair supporting an ergonomic design and a vital structure that helps to keep you comfortable for long periods, especially for people with back problems who can’t sit in a position for too long. This gaming chair is optimal for relieving fatigue and stress while playing video games, working, or using the computer for other entertainment purposes. 


  • Comfortable S-shaped back support
  • Adjustable recline feature
  • High-quality leather 
  • 360-degree swivel 


  • The headrest does not pivot


In this article, we have compiled some of the best gaming chairs with footrest. There are several great gaming chairs. But it all boils down to what you’re looking for in a chair, and in this case, we want a chair that features ergonomic components but, most specifically, a vast and comfortable footrest. We’ve put together a buyer’s guide that outlines all of the essential features and characteristics to help you find the most refined gaming chair for you.

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