Best Gaming Chair Under $200

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There are specific ranges that bring outstanding and performance-rich devices, and the best gaming chair under $200 is again an adequate barrier to not surpass when your ultimate motive is to bring your butts the all-suited gaming chair to sit and emergence into the games.

Because a gaming session typically lasts for hours, yes, the hours of sitting in front of the gaming rig for playing the best modern games that would never give a hunch of how much hours spent.

If that is how you spend the most chunk of the day, you probably need something to keep you upright and not turning fatigued.

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Always sitting on the chair is NOT a challenge, but sitting on the right chair is. You cannot ditch an idea of using any typical home-used chairs that are static and do not do anything different other than allow you to sit over.

Of course, you can go with such an approach, but for how long? A day, week, or a couple of weeks but not touching the months’ timeframe because of building the cramps, body ache, pain in back, and feeling dizzy are some of the possible reasons you would start feeling to try any other seating adjustment. Still, all of them go in vain, and that is guaranteed.

Speaking on behalf of being a gamer myself and having experienced many games in the community, the only complaint (out of NOT having the extensive-graded GPU) is raised for not having a good gaming chair.

Then, do not worry about that. We bring you just the right gaming chair under 200 that is super affordable.

Do not fall in the trap of purchasing super-expensive while you can find the same features within the low-end (but high in quality) gaming chairs without investing a fortune.

Stick with us then!

List of Best Gaming Chair Under 200 — Updated picks for 2020!

Best Gaming Chair Under 200Seating AreaLoad CapacityPrice
Furmax19.8” x 19.8”280 lbsCheck On Amazon
Homall19.8” x 20.5”300 lbsCheck On Amazon
BestOffice20.6” x 19.6”250 lbsCheck On Amazon
X Rocker PRO Series H320.0” x 20.0”275 lbsCheck On Amazon
OFM Generation 1.019.5” x 19.5”275 lbsCheck On Amazon
BestMassage19.7” x 19.7”400 lbsCheck On Amazon
Homall S-Racer Speed Series20.9” x 23.7”260 lbsCheck On Amazon
YourLiteAMZ21.7” x 21.7”330 lbsCheck On Amazon
RESPAWN 11020.5” x 20.5”275 lbsCheck On Amazon
Vitesse14.5” x 21.0”300 lbsCheck On Amazon

1) Furmax – The choice of your gaming time

Count the design or the features against the price; this Furmax gaming chair tops in every bit of what you take to analyze carefully.

All-made with the enhanced comfortability, which you would feel at the time of seating even for the hours as it comes with more than a higher back combined with the leather and buckets seating area and the padded armrests with the high-quality stuff to feel super relaxed.

It stuffed the padded seat to keep it thickened to over 3 inches along with 2 inches of the backrest that brings the enormous comfortability to last for hours’ extended seating.

And added with high-quality leather and a meshed design for the breathable air, which would throw out all the heat caused by prolonged sitting and durability to a greater extent to keep in use from day to day gaming sessions.

Looks more uncomplicated at sight but that does not compromise on the quality as it comes with height adjustment from 15.2 inches to well over 18.3 inches to match with your gaming table with a seating area of 19.8 inches x 19.8 inches and the backrest goes to 19.8 inches x 26.5 inches and allowing the maximum weight to hold hits around 280lbs or 127KGs which can easily take on the super-heavy gamer.

Revolve all around the floor and the ergonomic design to rock back and forth, giving maximum relaxation to your entire body, the body strains caused by prolonged seating.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Swivels around 360 degrees
  • Meshed design
  • Non-lifting armrest

2) Homall – Ideal Seat for Gamers

Homall Gaming ChairDo not go ordinary while you can have the latest and trending gaming chairs under the same price that is not a challenge for you.

And here we found the competitive and performing with enough higher backrest from Homall, making it the ultimate gaming chair of choice amongst the gaming industry.

Pretty loaded with all necessary features, this gaming chair from Homall brings everything topping the expectations. Coloured in stunning black and white, it comes with the higher-density shaping foam, which would retain its original shape after taking off, bringing the elasticity that is never experienced.

The back area goes for 22.5 inches x 30.5 inches with a seating area of 19.8 inches x 20.5 inches and an adjustable height of 17.3 inches to 21.5 inches to fit even the taller person weighing around 300lbs without running into an issue.

Swivel all around in 360 degrees, and the multi-directional wheels take a plunge in any direction without setting up the formation of the wheels first. And recline to as much as around 180 degrees to go back and forth to lie down and relieve the stress.

Steel frame and wrapped with the headrest pillow and lumbar cushion adds more comfort than anything increased to the higher fold making you sit for hours without turning exhausted.

  • Stuffed with PU leather
  • Comes with a headrest and lumbar cushion
  • Reclines to act like a rocking chair
  • Goes to tilt over 180 degrees
  • Thin seat cushion

3) BestOffice – PC Gaming Chair

BestOffice PC Gaming ChairBuilt for lasting comfort, this BestOffice does look simple but is best designed with ergonomic principles to add in more support than anything else.

It is embedded with PU leather and a broader seating capacity that adjusts the height accordingly and the locking system to keep the back upright even though you shake while relieving the pain and stress, which generally builds up through prolonged seating.

Able to hold the weight over 250 pounds, the quality certified from BIFIMA passes all the standards the gaming chairs and all the used components have to go through to ensure the safety and durability the seat demands to become part of your every day’s usage.

Super convenient to assemble, this BestOffice gaming chair only requires 10 to 15 minutes to get assembled even in the tiny room as it includes all the required components in the box to put up together.

Swivelling in 360 degrees, this chair is super lightweight to hold in the grip and move around the room using its highly-durable wheels.

All in all, this super-affordable gaming chair from BestOffice would give you the level of comfort you demand and would not make you feel of replacing it anytime soon.

  • Padded flipping armrests
  • BIFMA-approved SGS-airlift
  • Requires self-assembly

4) X Rocker PRO Series H3 – Audio and Wireless Gaming Chair

X Rocker PRO Series H3 ChairWant to bring something different than the traditional high-risen gaming chair, this X Rocker Pro Series H3 just like its name, rocker gives the rocking experience to play the game right at sitting on the floor.

Best fitted for adults, teens, and kids; this rocker chair is all made with high-grade fabric and leather materials even if it would not get cut with rough usage.

Sit down and play either the games or just relax, this rocker chair would never mind using it the way you like.

Incorporates up to four forward-facing powerful subwoofers with producing the outstanding audio quality to enjoy the full immersion in playing the games without needing to wear the headphone going right into the computer that would require to extend through attaching the external wire.

Compatible to seamlessly work with integrating Xbox, PlayStation, DVDs, Wii, and more and with the capacity of holding the weight of up to 275lbs.

Loaded with vibration motors to emit the vibration that syncs up with the production of audio’s bass and vibrates according to the beats it plays that adds more fun into playing the games which not every gaming chair can bring to you.

  • Absolute rocker design
  • Best for floor video gaming
  • Wireless audio technology
  • Vibrates per the gaming effects
  • Does not transform as the pedestal chair

5) OFM Generation 1.0 – Leather Gaming Chair

OFM Generation Gaming ChairSandwich-styled and the excessive use of wood to put up this impressive gaming chair design into the purple colour that cools down and attracts the onlooker to see and praise the build.

Made into the race car style, this chair brings the additional luxury and comfort to sit back and all relaxed in minimizing the intensity and fatigue, which you would hardly notice even getting seated for long hours without moving out.

Best implied with the ergonomic principles and that makes it swivel around the chair into good 360 degrees with the contoured-segmented padding with the even-padded headrest and the padded arms bring up the ultimate support and comfort transferring all around the body to comfortably play the games for hours.

Adjustable to the best, it goes for the height adjustment with controlling the centre-tile, and flip-up arms bring everything to adjust accordingly to your height and fit with every person despite their height.

Suitable to hold a person with a maximum weight capacity of 275lbs, and still you would not feel the degradation in performance EVER and ensures to last for longer years.

Recline and swivel to release the strains and blood pressure, and you are kind to spend hours sitting on this OFM Generation 1.0 chair that would make you feel relaxed and fresh. Get off the chair with the sheer energy the same you think at the time of wakeup.

  • Compact and simple design
  • Made with soft leather
  • Holds up to 275lbs of weight
  • Assembles at your own

6) BestMassage – High Back Racing Chair

best-massage-gaming-chairDo NOT fall into the trap of picking any gaming chair without reading and understanding a whole lot of details about what sort of features it holds.

With us, you do not need to worry about it as we just do not list the best gaming chair under 200, but open up with all the information and features it keeps to have you effortlessly purchase with your eyes closed.

More significant and taller chair for the tall folks to sit relaxingly with increasing the comfortability level to multiple folds by employing the ergonomic standards that push the chair to recline as much as 135 degrees with the lock to retain 90 degrees for the upright seating.

With having durable PU-leather-wearing padded armrests to uplift in matching with your sitting posture unlike fixed armrests to keep the arms supported.

And the tension controlling and height-adjustable lever takes up all the work to achieve your preferred angle to sit and face the computer all day long relaxedly.

Excellent weight capacity of over 400 lbs provides even the heavier person can sit down comfortably and without damaging this BestMassage gaming chair through class-4 gas-lift coupled with the heavy-duty metal base passed by BIFMA standards that would not drag the char to go downwards due to being overweight.

  • Integrated footrest
  • Good to hold 250lbs
  • BIFMA approved construction
  • Assembles with your own

7) Homall S-Racer Speed Series – Ergonomic Swivel Chair

Homall Gaming Racing ChairGives you the complete look of sitting on the sports car seat ready to hit the higher speed in no time, this Homall S-Racer Speed Series would turn you exceedingly excited when you plug in the gaming rig and initiate the latest car racing game to feel like driving on your own added by this exclusive gaming chair.

Relatively higher back padded by all PU leather that proves the quality to exceed beyond your expectations to play the games with the increased comfortability sitting all back and relaxed and supporting the back with establishing enough contact to the backrest.

Wearin the PU leather that is enough skin-friendly and wear-resistant to get using the chair for an extended period loaded with 360 degrees swivel and rocking back and for to well over 180 degrees enable the circulation of blood and relieving the muscles with sitting upright for too long, smoothened armest and height adjustability covered with a headrest pillow, and the lumbar-backed cushion ensures the ideal seating experience that would keep you productive and engaged for hours of knocking down your favourite games.

Steel-made frame thickened by 1.8mm transforms the base sturdier than ever that absorbs all the weight it receives.

  • Racing-style design
  • Ergonomic to the best
  • 180 degrees of tilting
  • Stiff at use to make you disturbed after prolonged seating

8) YourLiteAMZ – Best Gaming Chair Under $200

YourLiteAMZ-Gaming-ChairThe design and the colour combinations win over everything to feel the pro gamer when you sit for the first time.

It is laminated with all PU leather from top to down and enough padding for comfortable seating that does not make you look and feel fatigued in hitting the games without looking at the wall clock.

Just sit over this YourLiteAMZ gaming chair in a darkened room, and that would never want you to turn off the gaming rig, forgetting what time is out there and how long you have been busily playing the games.

Even higher back than the average gaming chairs, and keeping all the ergonomic standards checked with having wider and thickened seats and enough wider with the comfortable footrest to open when in use to support your thigh in the upright position while you can take a plunge and tilt to its maximum capacity of up to 180 degrees making you lay down with enough clearance to support the feet with opened footrest.

And the adjusting knob gives the ability to tighten up the tilting to match with the angle to make a lock so that you do not need to keep it tilted by forcing your back.

Adjust the seat to get your required height as the SGS-3 airlift goes by 3.2 inches in height and can still hold the higher weights as it comes with the weight-bearing capacity of over 330lbs and tests and approved by BIFMA to prove this claim authentic.

Recline the way you want from well over 90 degrees to well around 150 degrees to enjoy resting in a laying form where you would not find the need to hit the bed to lay down.

It comes with the proper headrest pillow and the lumbar cushion to make your head and back more towards an upright position so that you do not need to push back into the chair to do so.

  • Absolute video gaming chair
  • Larger and padded armrest with footrest
  • Bears up 330lbs
  • Does not rock at much

9) RESPAWN 110 – Racing Style Gaming Chair

RESPAWN 110 Gaming ChairA high-end gaming chair kept the design just like a racing car, and this RESPAWN 110 would satisfy you against the price when you happen to get revealed by the features it got.

Truly gamified seating, this comes with the excessive luxury and comfort to go through the intense gaming sessions making you run down the sweat and bashing the mind to keep you safer in the game while knocking down every single game levels to beat your competitors, and sitting on this exclusive RESPAWN 110 gaming chair would deal with all the stains and cramps building in your body for prolonged seating catered.

Designed for the whole of enjoying the enhanced comfortability, keeping all the ergonomic standards implied into the design ensures you have increased padding on every side, making clear contact with your body without stressing. And the added footrest ensures you have this weapon to use when needed to relieve all the fatigue out of this always-ignored body area that has never been brought into the focus.

The 4D adjustability takes up your optimization position by raising and lowering the chair to match the reclining area from 90 degrees to 155 degrees to infinitely locking on the angle you feel good at without further reclining when you lay down with contacting the back.

Swivel and revolve all around as it effortlessly goes into 360 degrees position, giving your mind the ultimate roller coaster experience. And the bold and contrasting colours not just bring the professional look but eye-catching to the most.

Able to handle the weight of over 275lbs, the airlift made with durable material and approved by BIFMA ensures it is all safe to use in any position you want.

  • Pure gamified chair
  • Comfortable and matches with best ergonomic practices
  • Tilts down to 155 degrees
  • Thick lumbar pillow

10) Vitesse – Video Gaming Chair

Vitesse Gaming ChairAnd this goes as our final entrant into the list of 10 of the best gaming chair under 200 because of its sleek and simple design that gives only the professional look to the folks to send in in an aww state!

Bigger, broader, and thicker back and the bucket set deliver the immense comfort to utilize this exclusive Vitesse gaming chair for bashing the games for long.

Swivel as long as you want and into full 360 degrees and the reclining to up to 180 degrees and with enough safety to not let the wheels slip off the floor as it uses premium-classed rolling casters that add no scratches on the floor.

Total ergonomic design and supporting the head to spine with the addition of headrest and lumbar cushion to remove anytime you want.

Guaranteed to handle the load over 300 lbs and the seating dimension of 14.5 inches x 21 inches and the adjustability of seat height goes from 15.3 inches to as much as 18.8 inches to match with the person’s height that ensures the added comfortability.

  • Weighs about 45lbs
  • Gas lift from Class-3
  • Stronger metal frame
  • Hard to assemble

Conclusion of the best gaming chair under 200

For the ultimate gamers, they tend to sit down for a couple of hours in one go. This means a gaming session that typically lasts for 30 minutes, and they are good to go for bashing down at least two courses in a go.

So, the uncomfortable seating with the wrong posture can impact the body to invite only the pain and exhaustion rather than any good.

And our collected series of best gaming chairs under 200 does more than keep the upright posture, but everybody part that makes the connection with these gaming chairs would retain the comfort without feeling fatigued and exhausted.

Do not opt for any other gaming chair, but pick one out of these 10 best gaming chairs that remain in your budget range!

Let’s up to your gaming skill with the right gaming chair awaiting to support your body!

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