Are Herman Miller Chairs Worth It? | All You Need to Know

By | Last Updated on July 16, 2022

Herman Miller has a special place in the history of office furniture, especially in the world of chairs, because of the unparalleled quality, authenticity, quality and great comfort it offers to the users. It has survived through the toughest periods of history when every brand was suffering from global economic issues. When you step into the market to buy a Herman Miller chair for yourself, then you are truly purchasing the finest built chair available in the market. 

Herman Miller is a brand that covers many chairs under the same roof, and all the chairs are different in their technology and services. Besides the reputation of the Herman Miller chairs, many people ask the question, are Herman Miller chairs worth it? For those, below is a detailed analysis of different Herman Miller chairs, which will explain their longevity and their original reputation to them.

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Some Worth Buying Chairs from Herman Miller

1.      Herman Miller Aeron

Herman Miller chairs are undeniably the best among all office chairs, and the user must pay a huge amount for the comfort they provide. And the most popular and surely the most expensive among all the Herman Miller chairs is the Herman Miller Aeron.

This fantastically perfect looking office chair is a highly adjustable chair and gives the ultimate comfort to the back of the user with its great ergonomic options, which mimic the natural body posture without disturbing it from its original position. The instantly recognizable design is highly popular in the eyes of the customers. Besides its attractive design, the chair has very smooth components to use. The 3D adjustable armrests with the soft cap can move up and down, can change their depth and also make pivot adjustments. This high-end chair can tilt the seat forward, and along with that, it can support the back magically with its solid lumbar support.

Moreover, besides its high price tag and several reasons that support its purchasing, its seat is not comfortable at all as it has no seat depth adjustment. The chair does not allow the user to shift freely because of its plastic framework.

2.      Herman Miller Mirra 2

Herman Miller Mirra 2 is famous for the exceptional adjustability and comfort it offers to the customers, and that is why no one can deny the fact that the chair is worth buying. With its 10 different adjustment systems, the chair has a special corner in the heart of the users. The mesh back of the chair keeps the temperature of the body cool during summer. This highly efficient chair is easy to use and supports the body by hugging the back. The chair consists of two back options, i.e., Tri-flex back and a butterfly back.

In addition to all these convincing factors, the seat padding is highly uncomfortable, and the chair is not suitable for tall users.

3.      Herman Miller Sayl

Herman Miller Sayl is the mid-range in price but is highly stylish and exceptionally comfortable. This highly supportive office task chair has a striking geometric look that is enough to attract customers in the market. The ventilated elastomer back of the chair keeps the back all day cool, even on the hottest summer days. The seat depth is fully adjustable to support every sitting posture. But this adjustable lumbar support of the chair costs extra when you go to purchase it.

4.      Herman Miller Setu

If you are searching for the best minimalistic designed office chair in an affordable range of price, then Herman Miller Setu is the most recommended option for you among all the chairs of Herman Miller. The adjustable back and seat are evidence of its ergonomic style that adjusts with the actual posture of the body.

The mesh back is cool and keeps the temperature optimum during working hours. Besides its attractive white and black frame, the chair has six aesthetically perfect colours. The seat height is adjustable, but not all the other components, especially the armrests, which could make your sitting experience uncomfortable or painful.

5.      Herman Miller Lino

If you are searching for an affordable office task chair, then your wait is over because Herman Miller Lino is here with its simple and breathable design. This traditional style office chair is highly supportive and comfortable though it does not contain the highly advanced features as the other expensive chairs Herman Miller has.

6.      Herman Miller Embody

Just like the Herman Miller Aeron and the Mirra 2 chairs, this chair is also very high in its price but is the perfect option for those who want to sit all day long in their office. The extra layer of the padding of the foam supports the body and does not disturb the body from its natural posture. The back fit adjustment of the chair mimics the original posture of the spine and keeps the spinal curvature at its optimum position. The four breathable layers of the chair keep the ventilation normal, but if you are looking for a perfect and the only best breathable option on the market, then you must choose some other chairs of the Herman Miller Chairs.

7.      Herman Miller Cosm

If you are planning to purchase a Herman Miller chair which is adjustable as well as supportive in nature, then Herman Miller Cosm is the most suggested because the three back heights of this chair make it highly supportive as the user can get the most appropriate sitting position and this support becomes even improved with the automatically adjustable tilt mechanism, but the armrests are not impressive as they are not much adjustable. 


Herman Miller is a well-known office furniture brand which has earned the reputation with the most comfortable and supportive chairs in the market. With so many new introductions in the market, all the chairs justify the statement, “Are Herman Miller Chairs Worth It?” You can buy any of the chairs explained above as they are undoubtedly the best investment options!

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